We would recommend that you go to an altitude training chamber to experience what it will feel like. You can also buy an altitude training mask for your personal training programme; however, you must make sure you read the instructions carefully and contact the manufacturer if you are unsure how to use it. 

Participants who signed up with the all-inclusive package will be invited to a UK simulation training event in Spring 2020, where they’ll be able to experience the challenges in a high-altitude environment with training masks.

You need a good level of fitness and health as a baseline. Once on the mountain, you will be fully supported and advised as and when needed. 

Three key things to consider:

1. Stay hydrated and eat all the meals provided

2. Move slowly 

3. Have a happy and relaxed mindset and above all; enjoy the experience!

149 meters under the summit of Kilimanjaro, a height of 5,746 meters.

- Ninja Wall
- Sandbag Carry
- Balance Beams
- Low wall
- High wall
- Giant Cargo Net Climb
- Cargo Net Crawl
- Monkey Bars
- Flying Monkey Bars
- A Special Surprise Obstacle

A broad range of food is provided at breakfast lunch and dinner, including snacks and summit fuel on the mountain phase. The menus cater for all dietary requirements and focus on giving your body all the essential nutrients it needs for the job at hand. Food is not only fuel but also important for morale. We love food!

The hotel accommodation and tents on the mountain are all on a twin sharing basis. This is important for developing the Team and also safety in altitude on the mountain. 

We’ve arranged the biggest local support crew including porters, cooks, assistant guides, head guides and chief guides, along with doctors and medical professionals staffing a high-altitude field hospital in the crater of Kilimanjaro at 5,746m. In addition, there will be a helicopter on standby where the OCR challenge will take place. The use of the helicopter is for medical emergencies only, so we recommend taking out helicopter medical evacuation insurance for the trip, which needs to cover the cost in case it’s needed.

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