Race for your charity

Fundraising places available

Link the record-breaking challenge to a fundraising platform and raise money for your chosen charity. We’ll also make a £500 donation towards your fundraising efforts!

How does the Fundraising Entry work?


Secure your place with only 20% deposit and start fundraising for your chosen registered charity. Raise as much as you can and pay for your event place with an extended payment plan. Alternatively, self-fund part of the cost to lower your fundraising target.

We’ll contribute with £500 donation, and we’d ask that you support your charity with everything raised above the cost of the challenge.


How to get started with Fundraising

You’ll be amazed how much you can raise with support from friends, family and your employer!

Create a fundraising page, we recommend using Facebook Fundraising or GoFundMe. You’ll need to set up a Personal Cause on both platforms to receive the donations directly to your bank account, after which you’ll be able to use the funds to pay for your event participation and support your chosen charity.

Facebook is an ideal platform for those with a wide social media audience, because you can directly invite your friends and contacts to donate to your cause. Find out more about Personal Fundraising on Facebook.

GoFundMe is one of the leading free crowdfunding platforms, that allows individuals to raise money for charities and life events - sport challenges, celebrations or life changing circumstances. Head over to their website to learn how to set up your campaign, then share your page and create a buzz amongst your contacts.


Top tips from the fundraising expert

2020 is going to be a year to remember for OCR enthusiast Daniel Turner, as it will be his 10th year of challenges and fundraising to support CLIC Sargent. Daniel has raised £12,000 so far to support the charity and will be aiming to raise another £10,000 in 2020 with some of the toughest challenges, including the World’s Highest OCR.

Daniel has shed light on the secrets to successful fundraising:

  • Contact your local supermarkets to see if you can do a bucket collection or help people pack their bags for a donation.
  • Get in touch with local companies to see if they would kindly donate prizes to you - health clubs, restaurants, beauty salons and clothing shops are generally helpful.
  • Host a fun event i.e Virtual race night, Virtual run, Casino night or Fancy dress party.
  • Hold a cake sale. Either make your own cakes or ask your local bakeries as they tend to be good at helping you out.
  • Contact your local schools to see if they can hold an event for you. My former Upper School have done this for me on a few occasions.
  • Use social media to promote your fundraising - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great tools to reach your contacts.
  • Write a hand written letter to local companies asking to support you. I have found the bigger companies tend to already support a charity so I personally avoid them now. Always include a photo of yourself and also add a tea bag with a little note saying “Please put the kettle on and take 10 minutes out of your day to make yourself a cup of tea and read my letter”.
  • Arrange a face to face meeting over a coffee, I find it more effective than just emails and phone calls. Be confident and believe in yourself, it’s important to sell your story well.

Daniel’s Story