The World's Highest OCR challenge is not only promising to be a zero-impact event, we will be leaving the Mountain in a better and cleaner state. During the event our staff will conduct one of the biggest clean-ups fo the crater, taking away accumulated waste discarded by others over many years. We will also be the largest one-off event employer, providing employment and supporting the families of over 400 local staff that will directly support the 12 day Challenge. The event will be running with exclusive authorisation from TINAPA and KINAPA organisations.


We recognise that smaller tour groups have less of an impact on our host destinations, so our aim is to ensure that the nature and scale of our activities are suitable to local conditions and do not overexert local resources.

To help to keep the environments we visit as pristine as we found them, our company has a zero litter “leave-no-trace” policy for both guides and participants. The equipment and obstacles used will leave no trace at the crater. In addition, the World’s Highest OCR challenge will incorporate one of the biggest clean-up exercises before and after the event to leave a positive impact on the environment.

We encourage our participants to only bring environmentally friendly products with them and we aim to select local guides who work to conserve natural resources and minimise the impact of their services on the environment in which they operate.


One of the many benefits of the tourism events sector is its potential to contribute to the economic development of host destinations and communities. An important part of sustainable tourism events is ensuring that the income generated is retained locally in order to maximise the benefits of tourism for the local community.

The World’s Highest OCR challenge is going to be the largest local event employer ever. Over 400 local porters, cooks, guides and medical staff will be supporting the journey, resulting in an increase in quality of life for hundreds of local families that have to pay for their own health care and education. The event will help to secure a better quality of life for future generations to come.

As giving back to the local communities is one of our core values, we have chosen to support and promote Share Tanzania (Feathers Tale Children’s Village.) The local charity was founded to help children with special needs, disabilities or HIV, and those who have been traumatised or neglected. Feathers Tale’s vision is to alleviate poverty and the suffering it brings to the children in rural Tanzania.


A key part of our philosophy is promoting positive cultural exchanges. Not only do we try to provide our clients with a thorough insight into the culture of the host community, we also encourage our local agents and their staff to seek an insight into the way of life of our clients.

Prior to our journey, we will provide our participants with information on the culture and traditions of the host communities and advise the Challenge participants on how they can act in a socially responsible way with respect for local laws, practices and religious beliefs and culture.

The World’s Highest OCR challenge aims to bring economic value to natural and cultural resources by encouraging participants to visit different sites and make donations that help towards their conservation.


We believe that the personal benefits of travel and tourism should be available to everyone, without discrimination. We understand that accessibility issues vary beyond physical disabilities, and, as well as those with mobility issues, can include those with visible and invisible illnesses, sensory disabilities, learning difficulties, injuries, allergies, medical conditions, and the elderly. We aim to provide a barrier-free and inclusive event, wherever possible.

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